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Life during and after the pandemic, many people decided to add a four-legged friend to their family to feel more companionable in quarantine. AlphaWise revealed that for every three young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, two of them have a pet. In other words, as "multi-species" families increased, pet product purchases increased by 35%, another important aspect of the family economy.

Today, animal nutrition and welfare is one of the largest and most important industries, not only because of its profitability and increase in the market but also because of the different innovation proposals that seek to satisfy the needs of the owner and his pet. For example, the Ownat brand created a natural, exclusive, and high-quality food for dogs and cats, replacing meat meals with fresh meat and fish. A technology that maintains the nutritional qualities of the ingredients by eliminating preservatives, colorants, and additives.

The different advances in the animal industry are related to human behavioral changes in society and collective thoughts that respect any living being. In that sense, all trends in animal products are focused on welfare through reliable services that obtain the highest performance under sustainability criteria.

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