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Capturing Love in a Bottle: The Perfect Fragrance for Valentine's Day

Choosing a romantic fragrance can be a personal and subjective experience, as scents can evoke different emotions and memories for each individual. However, there are certain notes and types of fragrances that are often associated with romance. For example, floral scent (rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and vanilla), earthy scent (tonka bean, chocolate, sandalwood, patchouli and cinnamon) and citrus Scents (bergamot and neroli).


There is no doubt that as Valentine's Day approaches, the air is filled with love and expectation. Also, what better way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with a fragrance that captures the essence of love itself. For this reason, at Polaroma this Valentine's Day we have prepared for you a fragrance section to serve as a reminder as you embark on a sensory journey filled with passion, warmth and romance.

Women's fragrances


Chanel No. 5

Floral de jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang.

J'adore, Dior

Ylang-ylang, fruity and floral notes and damascene rose.


Shalimar, Guerlain

Iris, jasmine and rose

Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

Vanilla, patchouli, cedar and cashmere wood


Gucci Bloom

Jasmine, tuberose and “Camilla de Rangoon”

Men's fragrances


Part Time Hero, El Ganso

Sour lime, bergamot and orange

Scandal por homme, Jean Paul Gaultier

Woody, caramel and tonka bean


Boss the scent for him

Ginger, maninka exotic fruit and leather

Vert Fougére, Floris

Cashmere, cedar, amber and patchouli


Scarlet Poppy, Jo Malone

Poppy, fig and tonka bean

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