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To explain the most notable trend in perfumery: niche fragrances, we wanted to refer to the opinion of an expert in this field, our perfumer Gilles Remy, "The term niche represents a small market segment that responds to a very specific demand. Many companies launch their fragrances, but the products do not have a concept, their packaging is poor and their fragrances are not relevant. However, there are companies like Polaroma where there is a real vocation to offer quality products with exceptional fragrances. You must know how to differentiate it".

Gilles Remy.png

Let's start and get down to the meaning of this type of fragrances and understand their innovative value: the differences between niche perfumes and conventional perfumes to reveal the concept behind the brand. A signature perfume seeks to evoke a sensation, a memory, a mood, an emotion, through the narration of a story pre-conceived in the mind of the perfumer and which takes shape as an artistic expression. "This type of perfume is pure excellence, it is subtle, exclusive and full of character. Its fragrances are based on creativity and are recognized by the use of exceptional and highly expensive raw materials," says Remy.


This is an alternative to mass production and all that is available, Signature perfumery is clearly limited by its clientele and, therefore, with a limited sales range, so this "is for a small, confidential market that wants fragrances different from those offered by the big brands. The bottles are handmade works of art and their packaging is carefully cared and of course their fragrances are unique."

Our next signature collection, does not have a specific genre but a fluid genre according to the concept of each creation; and this will be oportunitie to new experiences due the manufacturing strategy of our fragrances: slow perfumery, a process that allows the elaboration and development of perfumery with the highest care, respecting the maturation times of the fragrance and its adjustments for an excellent final product.

Do not look for niche fragrances in any commercial space. If you are a lover of olfactory art contact your Polaroma sales consultant for Premium customers developments.


Written by. María del Rosario Mora, Marketing manager.

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