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People love Christmas just because is the most joyous season of the year. Is the ideal season to recieve the fraternal feeling that invades people's homes moreover some gifts and food.  Christmas is the perfect time to be thankful, share with people you love while remembering personal or family experiences in the kitchen or at our table.


In 2023 Polaroma wants to celebrate with you the feeling of happiness that this season brings with a fragrance collection that reminds us about he happiest time of the year: Christmas time. So, each scent not only will touch your mind but also your heart.


One of the most beautiful traditions of Christmas holidays is to gather as a family around a Christmas tree. In fact, history tells us that we gradually created pine, spruce and fir crops to enjoyed the lived the experience of getting to these places, choosing it, cutting it and taking it home to decorate.

TOP NOTES: Woody notes, fresh accord and neroli.

HEART NOTES: Eucalyptus, chypre woody accord.

BASE NOTES: Musk, amber and oriental notes


Christmas dinner is one of the most important moments that a family can have on their Christmas night. Each family member sits around a table filled with delicious foods like vanilla desserts, chocolates with marshmallows, peppermint sticks and pumpkin cakes that stand out for their sweet and familiar taste.

Christmas night reminds us the important to share with people you love in the same table and also reaffirms why the heart and the stomach are one.

TOP NOTES: Tahiti vanila, spices and pumpkin.

HEART NOTES: Marshmallow, caramel and peppermint.

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, amber and sweet accord.


Christmas cakes and pies are one of the most common desserts we can find on Christmas nights. In fact, some grandmothers believe that the combination of nuts with some ingredients like vanilla relieves the cold of the night. 

For this reason, this season is an ode to the sweet, baked and creamy smells of the bakery family.

TOP NOTES: Chocolate and milk, clove and marshmallows.

HEART NOTES: Baked cookies, sparkling sugar crystals and sweet vanilla.

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, amber and sweet accord.


Could you remember Anne Shirley's walks through frozen blueberry trees in Lucy Maud Montgomery's book? 

A famous scene that explain walking in the forest as Canadian children do, after school, would venture with their baskets among the crops with the blueberry and cardamom ginger smell from some windows of neighboring houses. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Lucy's favorite fragrance this holiday season would be Polaroma's snowtime.

TOP NOTES: Creamy blueberry, neroli and ginger.

HEART NOTES: Cardamom, fig tree and pear nectar.

BASE NOTES: Benjui de siam, haba tonka and sandalwood.


Marzipan, gingerbread boys, nougat, coconut balls, chocolate and vanilla truffles, cookies, cupcakes, candy canes or mint, fruit cakes, etc. These are some examples of desserts and sweets that Santa keeps in his secret recipe book to enjoy us when the smell escapes through the crack in the door this Christmas time.

With this proposal we can remember the sweet, chocolatey, floral and charming fragrance that warns us that Christmas is already here.

TOP NOTES: Peach, nectarine and sweet vanilla.

HEART NOTES: Peony, peach blossom and tonka bean.

BASE NOTES: Vanilla flower, sandalwood, mimosa and bourbon vanilla.


Smells are associated with memory. So, a fragrance can reviving some memories at any stage of our life. In fact, if we talk about the seasons, it is very easy to associate them with a characteristic type of smell according to our experiences. For example: spring smells of fresh flowers and aniseed, summer smell like swimming pool and Banana Boat sunscreen. While autumn can be associated with dried flowers smell.


What does winter smell like?


For Polaroma winter smell is like a magical winter; pine and cedar wood, cherry and wild fruits as well as clementine and clove.

TOP NOTES: White woods, pine needles and sparkling clementine.

HEART NOTES: Cherry, wild fruits and red accord.

BASE NOTES: Cedar wood, spices and clove.

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