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Crunchy Trend

One bite away from a delicious and unique flavor.

Snack consumption is on the rise, as demand for convenience and portability fuels consumption, innovation and variety in flavors and functional benefits. Localization encourages the use of bold, spicy flavors and exotic ingredients to appeal to global palates, driving growth in the market.

Snacks are largely consumed in developed regions with high commercialization and urbanization. Increasing demand for nutritional content is driving the purchase of meat-based snacks, which contain the highest protein content and the lowest fat, carbohydrate content.

The largest market for snack products is Europe, followed by the United States and Canada. The largest growth in demand will be in the Asia-Pacific region, especially due to the development of China and India.


The snack market will continue to boom, the reasons being the link to modern lifestyle habits such as increasing urbanization and the preference for ready-made foods that can be conveniently eaten at any time of the day.

Currently, the most significant trends in healthy snacks include less sugar, high protein content, new formats and functional nutrition. We can distinguish between the following types of snacks: diet snacks, allergen-free snacks and gluten-free, organic or clean label snacks.



Competition in the snack market is high, mainly in developed countries, where a large number of snack manufacturing companies operate to serve a limited population. Manufacturers are focusing on new product development, flavor mergers and acquisitions as strategies to meet growing consumer demand.


Consumer trends are constantly changing, and we are currently identifying some that will mark the interests of consumers and the industry in general.

To venture into the field of flavors, experimenting with the possibilities of different culinary traditions is always a good option. Fusion flavors (blending of one or several flavors) are capable of revitalizing old consumer preferences.


The high following of healthy habits, seeking wellness and self-care, directly affects snacks. Manufacturers are looking for flavors associated with vegetables, fruits, low-fat and sugar-free. These snacks must be high in protein, fiber and contain some of the so-called 'superfoods', such as quinoa, spirulina, chlorella, acerola, moringa, maca and licorice, among others.

One of the most appealing innovations in the industry is the exploration of seasonings, a range of flavoring solutions for making snacks and appetizers with blends of vegetables, aromas and spices that bring original flavor, color and aroma.



Extracted, in powder form, from red peppers, chili peppers or sweet paprika, it possesses a wide variety of nutritional properties. For example, it has antioxidant action and can help regulate cholesterol and triglycerides.


Its consumption has antioxidant effects, can help prevent the formation of gallstones, keep the liver healthy and promote memory function.

There is a wide variety of spices and condiments beneficial to health of vegetable origin that will undoubtedly give different colors and flavors to the preparations.

We could say that spices and seasonings give life to what they touch. Among the most common spices we can find salt, pepper, oregano or cumin, to mention a few.

The 5 spices and condiments that are little used but with great flavor and nutritional contribution are the:


Cardamom stimulates the appetite, can relieve colic and also leaves a refreshing taste on the palate.


This spice gives a slightly spicy flavor that can help prevent dizziness, relieve menstrual pain, lower blood sugar levels and reduce stomach ailments.


May relieve stomach upset, liver disorders, protect against cardiovascular disease and function as a natural antidepressant.


Font: Mintel 2021

Polaroma always looking to be at the forefront, brings to its customers delicious flavors and unique combinations that will dazzle all consumers who seek in snacks an ally for their health and fun for their palate. We adapt to your region for the creation of innovative and successful flavors.

papas polaroma ingles.png

Characteristic flavor of cheese and onion mixture with milky, creamy, sweet, spicy and slightly spicy notes.

papas polaroma1 INGLES.png

Characteristic flavor of sour cream and black pepper, with creamy, milky, fermented, spicy and slightly pungent notes.

papas polaroma3 ingles.png

Characteristic vinaigrette flavor, with balanced acid, spicy, fatty, citric, sweet and salty notes.

papas polaroma4 ingles.png

Characteristic flavor of the Mediterranean blend of Provençal herbs (basil, lavender, rosemary, oregano and thyme) with herbal, spicy and slightly floral notes. 

papas polaroma2 ingles.png

Characteristic sour cream and onion flavor, with creamy, fermented dairy, sweet, spicy and slightly spicy notes.

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