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Layering is the name assigned to the superposition of fragrances with the sole purpose of creating a new aroma with each spray. It is given by the need to have a unique fragrance, a characteristic and exclusive smell, since a high percentage of the population shares the same perfume, or the need to complete those notes that would make that fragrance ideal and complete or soften the most intense notes that they don't like at all. In conclusion, the balance of what for each person is the ideal fragrance according to their being is created.

Layering is practiced by spraying one fragrance and then another on top of the first, accumulating layers, hence the name assigned to this technique.

This technique has basic rules to obtain a good result in the purpose of the fragrance that is desired, such as: mixing fragrances with similar concentrations such as eau de toilette and eau de cologne due to their low densities allows a better mixture between them, since if the concentration of one being too high would dull the fragrance with less concentration. Do not mix more than two fragrances. Not all olfactory families combine in the best way, which is why citrus, floral, fruit and spices are mainly recommended.

The order also plays an important role since the one with the highest intensity must be applied first for its greater fixation and that the softer or volatile notes of the second are fixed and mixed well and finally there must be a waiting time of around 60 minutes for all fragrance notes to blend.


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Written by:  Viviana Chaparro, fragrance evaluator.

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