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Developing perfumes

Finding Inspiration in every detail

We are a company passionated by perfumery and we want so share some of the most important information about one of the most elegant and sophisticated houses. 


Developing a perfume

The famous international brand Carolina Herrera currently has more than 140 fine perfumery fragrances with wide recognition and worldwide success since its first edition in 1988. As Carolina says, “For me, wearing a perfume is the most important invisible accessory that can be have a woman. And the most important thing, for me, for the success of a perfume is what is in the bottle: 80% is the “juice”.

Meet The Team


Carolina Adriana Herrera

(Caracas, 28 august 1969), she has been for the last years the creative director of the brand's fragrance division. She is like her mother, a reference in the world of fashion.

María Carolina Josefina Pacanis Niño

(Caracas8 January 1939), better known as Carolina Herrera, is a world-renowned Venezuelan fashion designer who founded her own fashion house in 1981.


Courrently, through the Spanish fashion and perfumery company Puig, Carolina Herrera is also dedicated to the world of perfumery.


A perfume is much more than a scent, it is the authentic discovery of our inner essence, with nuances of adventure, dreams, security, authenticity and elegance. For this reason, we wanted to present something of the process that this brand creates in the exclusive and distinctive development of its fragrances and to present some of the perfumes that inspire us in our own creations.

“I have a responsibility to the woman of today - to make her feel confident, modern and above all else beautiful."
- Carolina Herrera

In 1988 
Carolina Herrera launches her first fragrance.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-10-05 a la(s) 11.26.42 p. m..png
good girl carolina herrera.jfif

Good Girl is
the most succesful 
fragrance of the House Herrera

Our forever favorites


never get old, they stand tall

Some of the pair fragrances you might find out in our portfolio are:

212 women.jpeg
212 sexy.jpg
ch women.jpeg
ch men.jpeg
chic men.jpg

Ask for your samples and give a boost of sophistication to your products.

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