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By. Polaroma


A Raw material which is the 
backbone of a successful fragrance


The name patchouli derives from the old Tamil words patchai, meaning "green", andellai meaning "leaf", and is the elementary unit of the entire class of the chypre fragrances. The scent of patchouli is described as earthy and herbaceous with rich green heart and a woody base. The olfactory profile of patchouli oil, however, strongly depends on the cultivation techniques, time of the harvest, the process of drying and distillation techniques.

Patchouli is native from tropical regions of Asia, but it grows well in all warm tropical climates. Nowadays, several varieties of are cultivated all over Asia, West Africa and South America. This heavy and strong scent (delicate pinkish-white flowers and aromatic leaves) has been used for centuries in perfumery and, more recently, in incense, insect repellents, and alternative medicines. 

Surprisingly, expensive designer fragrances are in favour of patchouli as the scent most strongly associated with successful men and women according to the research by communication company Creston’s Marketing Sciences Sensory Unit.

Men who want to smell successful need a fragrance that blends patchouli with similarly heavy spicy and musky scents such as sandalwood and spicy black pepper. 

While success really does smell sweet for women as patchouli is best mixed with florals, tropical fruits, honeysuckle and saccharine smells, according to the study.

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